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Hey there, guys~!
You can call me Hannah, or Insane. Either works. ^.^
But, if we get to be good friends, maybe we can make weird nicknames for each other... xDD
Drawing and stuff like that for... 7 years now. Yup.
I mean, yeah, I was drawing my whole life. But I actually showed some partial talent then.
Enough said.
Actually, I think I'll try to explain, 'cause I'm as bored as anything right now.
So, I'm just a socially-screwed-up sociopath. Amazing, right? Anyway, I'm basically just a independent outcast, and I like it that way. Who cares that I only have a few people that can tolerate me.
But now, let's talk about the not-so-depressing things.
When I grow up, I tend to either be a voice actor or a well-known artist. But the thing is about my art is that I never want to show it to people. I'm too afraid they'll make fun of it, or try to point out all the flaws. I had to learn that the hard way, and now I hide my art. If someone takes one of my art books, and tries to look through it, I throw a temper-tantrum and start to threaten them. As you can tell, I'm pretty protective over my art.
As for my "social" life, I have the most best friend in the entire world, :icontheredbanshee: . We've been friends for 12 years now, and we plan to keep our friendship for the rest of our lives.
As you can tell, I love anime and anything creepy/disturbing. I'm just awesome like that. I have a short attention span, no patience, I'm disorganized, and I have a "thing" for anything involving the color red.
:icontheredbanshee: and I plan to create a cosplay group, (maybe not, now, I'm just figuring out... ) and we're going to be doing some pretty hardcore cosplays. I take my long hair as an advantage, considering lots of anime characters have really long hair. Enough explaining. More looking! Check out this list of Cosplays I'm going to do! myinsanebestfriend.deviantart.…
Possible Cons I could attend!:
Fur the 'More
Stamp :: Vocaloid by u-sagi Atheist Stamp by AirieFeristo Bisexual Stamp by AirieFeristo
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I got my Kotoricon ticket today!!!!
  • Mood: Excited


Hatsune Miku Cosplay - Got the Wig cut! by myinsanebestfriend
Hatsune Miku Cosplay - Got the Wig cut!
My mom messed up a bit, but other than that it looks pretty good!
Sorry 'bout the crappy picture and no pigtails. =A=
I got my Kotoricon ticket today!!!!
  • Mood: Excited
If you want a little inside scoop on my furries... read this! You might get something you didn't know!

My main 3 furries;

Age: 14
She was the first furry I made.
Her species is an Angel Cat.
She's made to be most like me, but a little more... eh... cutesy? I guess.
Her design was made from my two favorite colors.
Her expressions are more exaggerated than mine, but she reacts to things a lot like I would.
Her voice (if she were to talk, instead of making cat noises) sounds pretty much like mine. Hers is a little more girly-rebel-sounding, though. (Because my voice sounds pretty much like a guy)

Age: 18
The second furry, out of the three.
Kokoro was originally going to be a male mouse, but then I changed her to (obviously) female, and made her a Chinchilla instead.
She was going to be all blue and white, if she was the mouse, but her pink and grey overrode most of the white.
Kokoro is caring and gentle. Mostly being oblivious to anything bad happening.
Her expressions are really exaggerated, because she likes to be the center of attention. She's always willing to talk or have fun with someone.
She was made to resemble the caring, more gentle side of me that doesn't show very much.
Her voice is almost chipmunk-like, but not to that extreme. 
She's also Rhaa's girlfriend, even though they may seem like an unlikely pair. She seems to complete him, somehow.

Age: 24
The last furry, but not the least.
He's the first official male OC I've had, being one of my favorites, too.
His species is an Egyptian Jackal. (Sadly, he gets confused with Tayerr every once in a while... which is what I wanted to AVOID.)
Rhaa was made to resemble the darker, sarcastic side of me, which is a lot more present than my... eh... "Kokoro" side.
His expressions are more subtle, but the last thing you ever want to do is get him mad.
He flips out on the smallest things, but usually recovers from them in a matter of seconds.
He seems strong and tough on the outside, and yes, he is. But, he can get sad or scared easily when pushed enough, and he's rather caring when it comes to people he cares about. Which isn't many, by the way.
When he's either really happy, or scared, he tends to hold his tail in his arms. It gives him a little sense of comfort.
Also, a rare thing you'd see from him is having his ears all the way up. He usually has them down at a certain angle to show he's not messing around. He puts them up when he's really relaxed, or very happy.
His voice is a more hoarse, relaxed voice. It sounds a lot like mine but deeper and calmer.

Extra Furries:
Age: 24
CandyCorn is an extra furry I made, but her personality is just a developed as the main ones.
Her species is just a plain 'ole cat. Nothin' special.
She originally was made to be a Halloween version of Kitty, being just an orange and black version of her.
But, after about an hour of whipping up random color schemes and stuff, her design was an instant hit, for me.
Even when I began thinking up her design as first, I always imagined her in a dress, and it hasn't changed.
Her personality, despite her looks, it anything but girly. She's rather secretive, and will make a joke up about pretty much anything.
She mostly acts like a mix of Kitty and Rhaa.
She pretty much doesn't care about her personal safety, and is willing to do pretty much anything if she gets credit for it.

Age: 7
Another "extra".
Her species is a Red Fennec Panda. A mix of a Fennec Fox and a Red Panda. (She was the first OFFICIAL Hybrid fursona I made.)
Clover is the youngest of all of them.
She's shy, and gentle. She'll always be out to help someone, when they need it.
Curious and mature, in a way, Clover is one of the more "responsible" furries I've made. Even though she pretty much resembles a seven-year-old.
Clover was made to resemble the curious, child-like side of me.
If anyone's read "Animal Farm", you've probably figured out where I got her name from. She was originally going to be named "Shamrock", because, out of all honesty, I seriously craving one of McDonald's Shamrock Shakes when I made her...
The whole "Shamrock Shake" idea put the color for her harness in mind... (Feels so bad because she's pretty much based off a fattening milkshake)
One last thing is that her voice is almost exactly like Kokoro's. But, obviously more child-like.

Age: 22
He's probably going to be one of the last furries I make for a while.
His species is a Husky. Like you couldn't guess that by looking at him...
He was made to resemble the dramatic, constant mood-changing side of me.
Even though Taikun is two only years younger than Rhaa and Candycorn, he acts mostly like Clover... He's seriously immature.
He's not afraid to be himself, and seriously brings the word "flamboyant" to a whole new meaning... if you catch my drift there.
Most of the time, he's seen obsessing over Rhaa or some kind of fancy/shiny item. xDD
His design was based off a plushie I got the SAME day I created him, and if it wasn't for that plushie, he wouldn't exist.
He's the only furry I've made that wasn't debuted with a ref sheet.
I don't have a specific voice for him, as of right now. I'm trying to find one that suits him, but he keeps on sounding either too girly or too much like Rhaa.
And, if you haven't caught it by now... He likes guys. Big woop. Get over it. xDD 

So... there ya have it!
Also, all of them love dancing...
But to different music, of course.
  • Mood: Daily Needs
  • Listening to: Sea of Love - Frisco (Hixxy Remix)
1. Yesterday, I got a decent amount of fabric so I can make miku's arm thingies for my cosplay~ I'm not sure if it's going to look right, but whatever.
2. I mentioned I got the whole first book of F6 planned out, right? Well, I've also been working on book two, and I got up to 13 pages planned!
3. I also bought a new shelf for my anime figures, yesterday~ My collection of figures in general (I did the math) Has over 101 total figures. *dies* It's one big shelf, with mini shelves inside of it. I think I got a really good deal on it since it was $4.99 and that kind of thing is easily $20.
4. As you know, working on the chapter 1 opener for book 1. ^.^
5. After I finish the chapter one opener, I most likely won't update you guys as much about the series. I might post a couple journals here and there about it, but other than that, you won't be hearing much about it until February.
6. We got pumpkins yesterday! (I think we got 3 huge ones and 2 small ones??? I don't exactly remember.)
7. Speaking of pumpkins, my nails look fabulous. *probably going to post a picture when I'm done*
8. Next Saturday, I have to go to a costume/birthday party for my cousins~ He's turning 18 and she's turning 21.
9. This morning, I woke up to find 20 feedback messages. *melts* You guys are great. :3
  • Mood: Excited
  • Listening to: Emma Blackery - The Promise (Boyinaband Remix)
  • Watching: Myself draw, duh.

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Sketch of Your OC/Fursona
Just Hangin' Around. by myinsanebestfriend
Being Just a Little Sweet is All it Takes by myinsanebestfriend
This can either be a human, fursona, or whatever.
It can also be either a full-body picture, half body, or a face-close up.
Colored Picture of your OC/Fursona w/out Background
Kitty Humanized by myinsanebestfriend
Kokoro Humanized by myinsanebestfriend
Kitty Humanized 2.0 by myinsanebestfriend
Once again, these can be your OC, or fursona.
You can request either shaded or unshaded, as shown above.
But, they'll probably be drawn better than these examples.
(I couldn't put a fursona example because I don't have one right now)
Picture of your OC/Fursona w/ Background
~Ferryn~ by myinsanebestfriend
~Gia~ by myinsanebestfriend
Brough by myinsanebestfriend
Same rules apply as without a background, but there's no shading on your character. 
OC/Fursona Doubles Headshots
LET'S SEE IF HYPERCAM WORKS by myinsanebestfriend
The title and picture pretty much tell you everything about it...
-2 furs/oc's
-Headshot only
-Background will be similar to the one shown
-They'll probably be drawn better than this one
Completely shaded picture of your OC/Fursona
Red is the New Gold by myinsanebestfriend
Sunlight... by myinsanebestfriend
Rhaa Humanized by myinsanebestfriend
Request - Noah Nighthowl by myinsanebestfriend
Everything here's shaded, the character, and the background.
I might actually put a background, too, if I feel like it.... Like the last picture.
OC/Fursona Doubles
~Rhaa and Kokoro~ by myinsanebestfriend
Having two of your characters in one picture.
Background isn't shaded, but characters are.
The background style is probably going to be similar as the one shown. 


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